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Collecting coins is a lot of fun, and it can be profitable, too. PGS Gold and Coin is a full service coin shop that now has an easier way for you to buy coins, currency and bullion. We are your one stop shop for buying and selling coins and bullion. Our procurement department is always actively pursuing new coins and currency from our vast supplier base to add to our website. Be sure to check back often since we are always adding new products. Whether you are looking to expand your coin collection or are looking to invest in precious metals we are here to serve your needs.

Coins of interest to collectors often include those that circulated for only a brief time, coins with mint errors and especially beautiful or historically significant pieces. Coin collecting can be differentiated from numismatics in that the latter is the systematic study of currency.

As with stamps, precious metals or other commodities, coin prices are cyclical based on supply and demand. Prices drop for coins that are not in long-term demand, and increase along with a coin’s perceived or intrinsic value. Investors buy with the expectation that the value of their purchase will increase over the long term. In coin collecting, the condition of a coin is paramount to its value; a high-quality example is often worth many times more than a poor example.