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Things You May Or May Not Have Known About Batman

Batman, the iconic comic book legend was born in 1939.  From the brain of gag cartoonist Bob Kane, National Comics launched the greatest hero of all time. When National Comics changed to Detective Comics (DC) they published “The Case of...
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  • Silver-Gold-American-Eagle-Bullion-Coins

Famous Government Mints: The U.S. Mint

Earlier this month we posted an article that provides an overview of government mints around the world, including their history, main functions, and the gold coins, silver coins and bullion they produce.  As an extension of this article, we will...
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  • The Perth Mint Building

Government Mints Around the World that Produce Coins and Bullion

For as long as humans have existed in this world in some form of organized society, there has been some type of currency that has allowed financial transactions to take place.  Societies need an economic system to function properly and...
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  • Guide-to-Investing-in-Silver-and-Gold-Metal-Bullion

Guide to Investing in Silver and Gold Metal Bullion

There was a time in our history when every cent of American currency in circulation was backed by gold and silver.  In the days of the gold standard, one U.S. dollar could be converted into 1.5 grams of gold.  The...
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  • How to Store Your Coin Collection in Palatine, IL

How to Store and Care for Your Coin Collection

Since ancient times, people have enjoyed collecting coins for their value and beauty.  Coins are often sought after if they are made from precious metals like gold or silver, if they are rare coins, or if they have some type...
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  • How and Where to Sell Rare Vintage Wine

How and Where to Sell Your Rare Vintage Wine

Wine has long been considered a fine drink for people from all walks of life from the common man to the noble classes.  People have been consuming wine since ancient times and it has been an important part of many...
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  • Where-to-Sell-Valuable-Coins

Where Can I Sell Valuable Coins?

There are several reasons why someone might start a coin collection.  A collector might be interested in numismatics, which is the study of currency, or they may be interested in collecting what are essentially historical artifacts.  Many coins are sought...
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  • Tips for How and Where to Sell Scrap Gold Jewelry

Tips on How and Where to Sell Scrap Gold Jewelry

After years of buying or collecting jewelry, it is inevitable that you will end up with jewelry that is old and broken, or scrap jewelry.  Scrap gold jewelry can quickly build up in your jewelry box, taking up space and...
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  • How to Determine the Value of Your Gold Jewelry and Gold Coins with These Tips

Determine the Value of Your Gold Jewelry and Gold Coins with These Tips

Gold has long been one of the most coveted precious metals on earth.  Societies from ancient times through modern day have always put a high value on gold and used the metal for important objects such as currency, jewelry, decorative...
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  • Can I Start Coin Collecting on a Budget

Can I Start Coin Collecting on a Budget?

Coin collecting is a very popular hobby that dates as far back as Ancient Rome and truly developed during the Renaissance.  In ancient Rome, scholars and state treasuries collected coins, and it has even been said that Roman emperor Augustus...
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