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Famous Government Mints: The U.S. Mint

Earlier this month we posted an article that provides an overview of government mints around the world, including their history, main functions, and the gold coins, silver coins and bullion they produce.  As an extension of this article, we will...
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  • The Perth Mint Building

Government Mints Around the World that Produce Coins and Bullion

For as long as humans have existed in this world in some form of organized society, there has been some type of currency that has allowed financial transactions to take place.  Societies need an economic system to function properly and...
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  • Where-to-Sell-Valuable-Coins

Where Can I Sell Valuable Coins?

There are several reasons why someone might start a coin collection.  A collector might be interested in numismatics, which is the study of currency, or they may be interested in collecting what are essentially historical artifacts.  Many coins are sought...
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  • Important Tips for Finding a Trusted Coin Dealer

Important Tips for Finding a Trusted Coin Dealer

Coin collecting is a popular hobby that people have been doing for hundreds of years, dating back to the Renaissance.  Many people are drawn to this hobby mostly to collect coins of significance such as rare coins, gold coins, mint...
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  • Lincoln Pennies A Great Addition to Your Coin Collection

Lincoln Pennies: A Great Addition to Your Coin Collection

Over Labor Day weekend we had the pleasure of spending some time in Springfield, IL and taking in a few of the Abraham Lincoln Sites. One thing is certain; there is an awful lot of Lincoln memorabilia that is available...
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  • Father’s Day Coin Buying Tips

Father’s Day Coin Buying Tips

Coin buying doesn’t have to be stressful when it comes to buying a special gift for Dad! Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if your dad is a coin collector, then this time of the year can either...
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