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How to Determine the Value of Your Gold Jewelry and Gold Coins with These Tips

Gold has long been one of the most coveted precious metals on earth.  Societies from ancient times up through modern day have always put a high value on gold and used the metal for important objects such as currency, jewelry,...
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Sell now or leave to heirs?

When is the right time to part with valuable collectibles? You have likely heard the phrase, “You can’t take it with you,” referring to a 1936 play about enjoying life to its fullest.  When it comes to your collections you’ve...
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Lincoln Pennies: A Great Addition to Your Coin Collection

Over Labor Day weekend we had the pleasure of spending some time in Springfield, IL and taking in a few of the Abraham Lincoln Sites. One thing is certain; there is an awful lot of Lincoln memorabilia that is available...
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The Ten Most Valuable Coins in the United States

When folks come into PGS Gold & Coin to sell their coins, the number one thing they want to know of course is how valuable are their coins.  The next thing they want to know is what are the most valuable coins...
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