Coin Appraisals for Palatine, IL

Coin Appraisals for Palatine, ILPGS Gold & Coin is a professional coin appraiser in Palatine, IL that provides accurate appraisals for your coin collection.  Our professionals are certified to provide coin appraisals and can pay you cash on the spot for your collection.

Coin collecting is a popular hobby as some people collect coins for the aesthetic or historical significance, and some collect coins as an investment.  Many coin collectors seek out coins that are likely to appreciate in value so that they can sell them for a profit at a later date.  When it is time to cash in your coin collection, bring your coins to our trusted coin appraisers at PGS Gold & Coin.  PGS Gold & Coin is a certified coin dealer in Palatine, IL that provides accurate coin appraisals based on the true value of your collection.  You can trust our professionals to provide a fair and honest appraisal for your coins and immediately offer you cash.  Our consistent, accurate coin appraisals have made us one of the most trusted coin appraisers among coin collectors in the Chicago area.

There are several factors that are considered when appraising the value of a coin collection.  These factors include the current market value of the coins, and unique characteristics such as mint errors, limited circulation, and historical significance that add perceived or intrinsic value.  Coins that are in better physical shape often get higher appraisals.  Coin collectors who view their collections as an investment should look for coins that not only have good market value, but also these intrinsic qualities that boost their perceived value.  Our professionals at PGS Gold & Coin take these characteristics, as well as the current market conditions, into account to provide you with an accurate, well-informed appraisal of your coins.

PGS Gold & Coin provides accurate coin appraisals at our Palatine, IL location and offers you immediate payment so you can walk out with cash in hand.  You can trust our professionals to provide you with fair and honest appraisals for a variety of coins including silver and gold coins, historic U.S. coins, foreign coins, and rare coins.  Our certified coin appraisers understand the market value for different types or coins, as well as the characteristics that add value to coins, and we can answer any questions you have about coin appraisals or coin collecting in general.

If you are looking for a coin dealer in the Palatine, IL area to sell your coin collection, come to PGS Gold & Coin.  We have long been one of the most trusted coin dealers in the Chicago suburbs and we consistently offer our customers top dollar for their collections with our accurate coin appraisals.  Visit our Palatine, IL location, submit an online form, or call us at (847) 348-6447 for an appraisal.