Coin Appraisals Wrigleyville IL


Coin Appraisals Wrigleyville ILPGS Gold & Coin serves the Wrigleyville IL community as a registered coin appraiser for all local needs for coin appraisals Wrigleyville IL. Our location in Palatine, IL makes a close drive to Wrigleyville IL. Buying rare coins for collecting and investment purposes is a pastime that has lasted for hundreds of years. Not only do collectors place a high value in the precious metals found in these coins, they also enjoy the rarity, beauty and historic value that can be attributed to each one of these numismatic coins. As one of the area’s largest dealers, PGS Gold & Coin can offer a wide variety of coins and bullion products at very competitive prices. We have specialized coin appraisal and appraisers in our Palatine, IL location. We specialize in buying silver dollars, gold coins, gold scrap, complete collections, estates, hoards, investment holdings, coins, silver bullion, gold billion, and rare paper money from collectors, investors, and other coin dealers. We have been buying gold in the Chicagoland community for many years.

Make certain you offer your coins, currency and unwanted or broken jewelry and diamonds to a full-time accredited numismatic professional that has roots in the area in which you live. As a Coin Dealer in Wrigleyville IL, we can and will pay top dollar for most bullion issues along with the nicest PCGS and NGC graded material. We resell most of the coins we purchase back into the retail market immediately based on the tremendous demand from our base of clients. We will happily share the latest market information with you and we will gladly answer any questions you may have. For a complete and thorough evaluation, bring your special coin collection to a trusted PGS Gold & Coin certified coin dealer and numismatic professional today!

Coin Appraisals Wrigleyville IL Process

Come to our store locations in Palatine or Wheaton IL for all Coin Appraisals Wrigleyville IL needs. We have developed a process that is fast, safe and easy. In addition to our easy process, our team is always available to answer any questions you may have. We recognize your coins are unique, and often a sentimental, item. We are there every step of the way to make sure you and your watches are treated with respect and care.

At PGS Gold & Coin we buy, sell, and trade a wide variety of high-end items in the Wrigleyville IL area. As a coin dealer in Wrigleyville IL we are easily accessible on Northwest Highway in Palatine Illinois or on County Farm Road in Wheaton IL. We realize that everyone wants to know what their gold, silver, platinum, coins and other valuables are worth, and we are excited to show you. However, giving a flat quote without evaluating or weighing your valuables would be impossible to do, and not fair to either you or us. Within just minutes of evaluating your valuables, we offer registered coin appraisers and will be able to provide you an exact value of your items and provide cash on the spot for your items. If you would like to check our inventory or do not see the item you would like to purchase, trade or sell below, call our Palatine (847-348-6447) or Wheaton (630-868-3412) locations today.