Coin Dealers in Hoffman Estates, IL


Coin Dealers in Hoffman Estates, IL

PGS Gold & Coin is the premier coin dealer in the Chicago suburbs.  Our professionals are passionate about coins and provide fast and honest appraisals for your coin collection.  Bring your coin collection in today to find out what it’s worth!

Coin collecting is a hobby that dates to ancient times and it is still a common hobby today.  Many collectors enjoy collecting coins that have some historical or aesthetic significance, and some see coin collecting as an investment and will sell coins after they have appreciated in value.  If you are a coin collector in Hoffman Estates, IL interested in expanding your collection or selling your coins for a profit, our experts at PGS Gold & Coin in Schaumburg, IL can help.  We have a passion for coins and are ready to provide an appraisal for your coin collection based on the true market value for your coins.  Our fast and honest appraisals have made us one of the most trusted coin dealers in the entire Chicagoland area.  We also have a large inventory of gold, silver, and rare coins for those who are looking to expand their collections.

The value of rare, gold, and silver coins is based on supply and demand which makes the market value of most coins cyclical.  In addition to the current market conditions, the value of coins is also determined by the perceived or intrinsic value of the specific coin.  Coins with historical significance, mint errors, or brief circulation periods tend to be worth more than coins that do not have one of these characteristics.  A coin may have low value if there is little or no demand for that specific coin.  The condition of a coin can also affect its value as a coin in great condition will fetch a higher price than the same coin in worse condition.  Experienced coin collectors understand these factors and take them into consideration when investing in new coins for their collection.

PGS Gold & Coin is a trusted coin dealer that buys and sells gold and silver coins, rare coins, foreign coins and currency, historical U.S. currency, and Confederate currency.  Our professionals are ready to provide an immediate appraisal for your coins based on the type and condition of your coins as well as the current market demands.  We have extensive knowledge about the market for coins and the value of specific coins and we will happily answer any questions you have about the appraisal process.  Our fair and honest appraisals consistently beat those of our competitors which is how we have become one of the most trusted coin dealers throughout the Chicago area.

Coin collectors in Hoffman Estates, IL can visit our nearby Schaumburg, IL location to buy or sell your gold, silver, rare, or foreign coins at a fair price.  You can also call our Schaumburg store at (847) 278-7691 or submit an online form to start the appraisal process for your coins.