Coin Dealers in Itasca, IL

Coin Delars in Itasca, ILPGS Gold & Coin is a reputable coin dealer that serves coin collectors in Itasca, IL and throughout Chicagoland.  Our experts can appraise rare, silver, and gold coins and offer you a fair price for your coins on the spot.  Find out what your coins are worth by bringing them to our PGS store!

Coin collecting is a popular hobby that dates back centuries and draws in new people with each generation.  People may collect coins because they are interested in the history and aesthetic of the coin, or because they wish to invest in precious metals such as gold and silver.  Whether you are collecting to put together an impressive collection or sell your coins for a profit, it helps to work with a trusted coin shop that offers fair prices and appraisals.

PGS Gold & Coin is a premier coin dealer that serves coin collectors in Itasca, IL who want to purchase new gold, silver, or rare coins for their collections as well as those looking to sell their coins.  We have long been a trusted coin dealer in the Chicago area and our numismatic professionals can accurately appraise your coins and offer you a price based on their current market value.  Our store in Schaumburg is just a short drive from Itasca, IL where our professionals are ready to provide appraisals and show you our inventory of rare, gold, and silver coins.

The market for valuable coins including foreign coins, rare coins, and coins made from precious metals is a supply and demand market which means its cyclical.  The overall value of a coin is determined by the market as well as its perceived or intrinsic value.  The perceived or intrinsic value of a coin may be determined by characteristics such as historical significance, mint errors, and brief circulation.  Coins that have one or more of these characteristics are generally bought and sold for a higher price.  The condition of a coin also factors into its overall value as coins that still have their luster and design are worth considerably more than worn out coins.

At PGS Gold & Coin, we are prepared to appraise all types of coins including silver and gold coins, foreign coins, historical U.S. currency, Confederate currency, and rare coins.  We always have an extensive inventory of coins at our coin shops because we have a large network of collectors that buy and sell their coins through PGS.  Our professionals are happy to appraise your coin collection and we will immediately offer you a price for your coins based on the current market and condition of your collection.  We can also answer your questions regarding our appraisals or the market for precious metal coins.  The appraisals that we provide for rare, gold and silver coins is routinely better than our competition which is why coin collectors in Itasca, IL have trusted us.

Coin collectors in Itasca, IL can come to PGS Gold & Coin in Schaumburg, IL to view our coin inventory and have your coins appraised by our experts.  We are happy to help you find out how much your coins are worth, and we will also assist you if you are looking for a certain coin for your collection.  You can call our Schaumburg PGS store at (847) 278-7691 or fill out an online form to start the coin appraisal process.