Coin Dealers in Naperville IL

Coin Dealers Naperville, ILPGS Gold & Coin is a coin dealer and coin store that has long been trusted by coin collectors in Naperville, IL. We buy and sell all types of coins and currency and offer premium prices for your coin collection.

Coin collecting is viewed by many as an enjoyable hobby, and some coin collectors even view their collection as a profitable investment.  Whether you are trying to expand your coin collection or sell it for cash, PGS Gold & Coin is ready to help those in Naperville, IL.  We are a trusted, professional coin dealer that buys and sells all types of coins and currency, and our coin store is located in Wheaton, IL, just a short drive from Naperville.  PGS Gold & Coin has a large network of suppliers that allows us to actively find coins and currency from collectors to add to our inventory.  If you are looking to sell your coin collection or invest in new coins and currency, come see why PGS Gold & Coin has become the most trusted coin dealer in all of Chicagoland.

Coins that were in circulation for a brief time, minted with an error, or have historical significance are the most sought after by coin collectors.  Numismatics is different than coin collecting as it is the study of currency in general and how it is used.

Like other precious commodities, such as metals and stamps, the market for coins is based on supply and demand which makes their value cyclical.  Coins with higher perceived or intrinsic value are typically in high demand while coins that are not in demand have low value.  The condition of the coins also helps determine their value as coins in excellent condition fetch a much higher price than similar coins in poor condition.  Coin collectors feel more comfortable investing in coins that will appreciate in value over time.

If you are a coin collector in Naperville, IL, come to PGS Gold & Coin in Wheaton, IL to sell your coins or buy new coins for your collection.  We are the most trusted coin dealer in the Chicago suburbs because we offer fair and honest prices for gold and silver coins, foreign currency, rare coins, Confederate currency, and U.S. currency of historical significance.  Our professional coin dealers will quickly evaluate your coin collection and make you an offer on the spot based on the real market value of your coins.  If you have any questions about our appraisal process or the current market for your coins, we are happy to help.

Bring your coins, currency, or bullion to PGS Gold & Coin in Wheaton, IL to sell them for cash.  We are proud to help coin collectors in Naperville, IL cash in on their coin collections or find specific coins that are missing from their collections.  Either fill out on an online form on the right to get started or give us a call at (630) 868-3412 to set up an appraisal at our coin shop.