Coin Dealers in Wheaton, IL

Coin Dealers in Wheaton IL

PGS Gold & Coin is a trusted coin dealer and coin shop located in Wheaton, IL that buys and sells coins and currency.  Our professionals can give you a fair and honest appraisal for your coin collection.

Coin collecting is a hobby enjoyed by many, and it can also be a profitable venture.  If you are looking to sell your coin collection or add to it, come to PGS Gold & Coin in Wheaton, IL.  We are a full-service coin store and coin dealer that buys and sells coins and currency including rare coins, gold and silver coins, foreign currency, and historically significant currency.  We have long been one of the most trusted coin dealers in the Chicago area and we work with a vast supplier base to add new coins and currency to our inventory for collectors.  PGS Gold & Coin is ready to meet the needs of all coin collectors in Wheaton, IL who wish to sell their coin collections or invest in new coins or precious metals.

Coins and currency that get the most interest from coin collectors include coins that were in limited circulation, coins with mint errors, and coins or currency with historical significance.  There is a distinction between coin collecting and numismatics, or the study of currency and its uses.

The true market value of coins is cyclical and based on supply and demand, which is similar to the market for other commodities like stamps and precious metals.  Coins tend to have a higher demand if they have greater perceived or intrinsic value, while coins with low demand experience a drop in value.  Coin collectors invest in coins and currency that is expected appreciate in value for a return on their investment.  The value of a coin is also determined by its condition as coins in excellent condition go for a much higher price than the same coins in poor condition.

PGS Gold & Coin is a trusted coin dealer and currency buyer located in Wheaton, IL.  We provide coin collectors with fair and accurate appraisals for all types of coins and currency including rare coins, gold and silver coins, foreign currency, historic U.S. currency, and Confederate currency.  You can trust our professional coin dealers to accurately assess your coin collection and immediately offer you an appraisal based on the current market.  We are happy to discover and share the true value of your coin collection, and we can also answer your questions regarding our appraisal process and the current market demands.

If you are ready to cash in your investment in your coin collection, bring your coins, currency, or bullion to PGS Gold & Coin in Wheaton, IL.  You can give us a call at (630) 868-3412 to set up an appointment at our coin shop or submit the contact form on this page to get started.