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How do you determine the value of gold items?

PGS Gold & Coin values gold based on market values. Since the market value of gold changes often, we are frequently updating our prices and valuations through our in house valuation department. We will also take into consideration the karat size and quality of the gold. For example, 24K gold is much more valuable than 14K gold.

How Do You Determine The Value Of What Type Of Gold, Silver Or Platinum Items Are You Looking For? Gold Items?

We buy it all! From broken chains, necklaces, bracelets, single earrings or backings to engagement/wedding rings, class rings, gold coins, nuggets, dental gold and more. If you’re not sure whether something is gold or not, bring it in to our store and we have all the equipment required to find out.

Do You Buy Gemstones?

We buy all Diamonds and some Gemstones depending on the stone.

What If A Piece Of Jewelry Has Gems In Them?

Our specialists will remove the stones for you. However, if the jewelry item has several little stones, it might not be worth the time to pull them all out.

What Is A Pennyweight?

A pennyweight is the standard mass (weight) amount that precious metals are weighed. 20 Pennyweights (DWT) equals 1 ounce.

I Just Recently Bought A Piece Of Jewelry For $300. Does That Mean I Will Receive Close To $300 For That Piece?

The retail value of a piece of jewelry has been marked up at least 5 times and sometimes more in certain cases. This is because in addition to the gold itself, the buyer is paying for the craftsmanship of the piece. However we are strictly buying the jewelry to be melted by our refinery and will buying your precious metals based on the pennyweight, quality and purity of the item.

I Want To Host A Gold Party. What Do I Need To Do?

If you’re ready to host a party, give us a call at toll free at 1 (888) 416-2701 to lock in your date. Once we’ve set a date, it’s time to start inviting people. Invite anyone you think will enjoy a fun evening making money. Don’t forget to tell your friends to invite their friends as well. The bigger the party, the better the payout for you.

Does My Party Have To Be An Evening Event?

No, we are available 7 days a week and are happy to work around your schedule.

How Many People Can I Have At My Party?

The more the merrier! You can bring as many people as you want. Remember the more people you invite; the more gold we will buy and the more money you will make. How much gold your guests bring will determine how successful the party will be. It’s important to confirm with your guests a few days before the event to confirm that they are coming.

How Much Can I Make By Hosting A Gold Party?

At PGS Gold & Coin we pay the host 10% commission from the total party payout. Average party payouts are $2500-$5000 and more. This means you earn about $250-$500 just for having the party. However this all depends on the amount of people you invite.

I Have A Lot Of Old Jewelry, But I Am Not Interested In Hosting Or Attending A Gold Party. Can I Still Use Your Services To Sell My Gold?

Yes, we also provide our customers with private buying consultations for those who aren’t interested in a party atmosphere.

I Love This Idea! How Can I Become A Party Gold Style Event Planner?

We’d love to have you on our team. Call us toll free at 1 (888) 416-2701 or email info@pgsgoldbuyers.com for further details.

House Parties – Confused About Reward Program…

At PGS Gold & Coin, we offer our customers the opportunity to have a Home Gold Party where you can host a gold selling event at your house or apartment. Invite all your friends and tell them to bring their unwanted gold and silver. One of our gold and silver specialists will value all of the items right in your home and give you and your friend’s money on the spot for their items. There is no obligation to sell your items at the House Party. If you’re not completely satisfied with the quote given or change your mind for any reason it is not a problem.
As a host, there are several benefits you will receive:

  • A FREE gift
  • $100 FREE for hosting a Home Gold Party*
  • 10% commission on total purchases
  • $200 bonus for all Gold Parties with total purchases of $6,000 or more
  • $25 referral reward for each new Gold Party booked and completed

PLUS, you can make additional money with our 5 for $500 Referral Program!

When you book 5 referrals and you will receive $500*

Or receive $100 per referral***


Our Event Planners will take care of all the details. They will provide you with paper and email invitations to send to all your friends! Call us today (847) 348-6447 or (888) 416-2701

* To qualify for your $100 and free gift, each party must have a show of five (5) or more guests and a minimum $1500 payout.

** To qualify for our 5 for $500 program, you must have five (5) referrals and they each must complete their own personal Gold Party with a show of five (5) or more guests and a minimum $1500 payout. Each referral party must be booked and completed within 120 days of the original host party.

*** To qualify for the $100 referral reward, you must have successfully completed the 5 for $500 program and each party thereafter must have a show of five (5) or more guests and a minimum $1500 payout.

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