Gold Buyers in Hoffman Estates, IL

Gold Buyers Hoffman Estates ILFor years, PGS Gold & Coin has been trusted throughout the Chicago area to provide fair and accurate appraisals for gold jewelry, coins, and bullion.  If you live in Hoffman Estates, IL and you have gold, silver, or other precious metal items that you would like to sell, visit our professionals at our PGS store in Schaumburg, IL.  We are ready to appraise your gold and precious metal items and offer you an appraisal on the spot based on our assessment of your items and the current precious metals market.  You can expect a fair appraisal for your gold coins, jewelry, and bullion that beats appraisals from other gold buyers in the Chicago area.

PGS Gold & Coin has long been a premier gold buyer and gold dealer in the Chicago suburbs.  We have three PGS stores in the Chicago area, including our Schaumburg location which is an easy drive for those in Hoffman Estates, IL.  If you have unwanted gold jewelry, scrap jewelry, rare coins, estate jewelry, or bullion, you can bring them to our professionals to get an appraisal and cash on the spot.

Our accredited numismatic professionals can accurately appraise NCG and PCGS graded materials as well as gold coins, jewelry, and bullion.  We always offer a fair price for precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum depending on the condition of your items and their current market value.  You can ask our professionals any questions you have about the appraisal process and we will be happy to answer to help you understand our process.  Bring your unwanted gold and precious metal jewelry, coins, and bullion into our store to get a fair appraisal and walk out with cash within minutes.

We Buy Gold in Hoffman Estates, IL

We have made our gold appraisal process at PGS Gold & Coin simple and efficient so you can get an appraisal for your items quickly.  Bring your unwanted gold to our Schaumburg location and our professionals will immediately weigh it and assess its condition.  You can expect our professionals to always treat and handle your items with respect.  After our evaluation, we will offer you an accurate appraisal based on the condition of your items and the current market price for gold.  Our gold appraisals consistently beat those of our competitors which is why we continue to be one of the most trusted gold buyers in the Chicago area.

Those who live in Hoffman Estates, IL who have unwanted gold items that they wish to sell should visit our PGS Gold & Coin store in Schaumburg, IL.  Our professionals are ready and eager to evaluate your unwanted gold coins, jewelry, and bullion and give you an accurate appraisal, so you can leave with cash in hand.  Our appraisals for gold are the most preferred in the Chicago area and our reviews on Yelp and Google show that we are among the most trusted gold buyers.  You can start the appraisal process by submitting an online form, calling us at (847) 278-7691, or by coming to our Schaumburg, IL store.