Gold Party Events Hosted by PGS Gold & Coin

Are you looking for a fun, creative way to raise money for yourself, your company, or a non-profit organization of your choice?  Do you have friends or coworkers that have unused jewelry that they no longer want?  Through PGS Gold & Coin, you can host a Gold Party event in which you and your friends, coworkers, and colleagues can sell your unwanted gold, silver, and platinum jewelry for top dollar.  Our professionals will handle the event planning and the appraisals.  All you have to do is invite your guests, party, and make money selling your unused jewelry.

PGS Gold & Coin has long been a trusted jewelry buyer in the Chicago suburbs.  Our certified precious metal specialists provide honest and accurate appraisals for all types of gold, silver, and platinum jewelry that consistently beat the appraisals offered by our competitors.  When you host a Gold Party event such as a home gold party, corporate event, or fundraiser, we will send one of our certified professionals to appraise your guests’ jewelry and make top dollar offers with no obligation to sell.  As the host of the event, you will earn a commission on total purchases, and added bonuses if the total purchases exceed a certain amount.  These events are a great, fun way to raise money and ensure that your guests go home with some extra cash.

PGS Gold & Coin can help you host three different types of Gold Party events; home gold parties, corporate events, and fundraisers.

Home Gold Party

Home Gold & Silver Party - PGS Gold & CoinIf you are looking to host a unique, fun social activity for your friends, family, or coworkers, our home gold and silver parties are ideal.  Your guests can have their unwanted gold, silver, and platinum jewelry appraised by one of our certified precious metal specialists in the privacy of your home.  Our specialists will offer top dollar for your guests’ jewelry, with no pressure or obligation to sell.  On average, home Gold Party guests make between $300 – $600 from selling their jewelry.

As the host of a home Gold Party, you will receive $100 and a FREE gift* if you have 5 or more guests attend, and a payout of at least $1500.  You can also receive the following as the host:

  • 10% commission on total purchases
  • $200 bonus if total purchases exceed $6,000
  • $25 referral reward for each new gold party booked and completed

Home Gold Party hosts have made as much as $3,000 just from one party.  Your guests will also love the opportunity to make money from their unwanted jewelry at a fun social event.

Corporate Gold Party Events

Our corporate Gold Party events are a great idea for businesses that want to host a unique event for their employees and associates.  Your employees will get to make some money selling their unwanted jewelry, and you can make some money for your business in commission and bonuses.  For our corporate gold style events, we will send a certified precious metals specialist to your office or place of business to provide accurate appraisals for your employees’ unwanted gold, silver, and platinum jewelry.  Our appraisals for jewelry are always higher than our competitors and there is no obligation to sell.

Hosts of our corporate gold parties will receive $100* if there are 5 or more guests in attendance and there is a pay out of at least $1500.  Hosts are also eligible to receive the following:

  • 10% commission on total purchases
  • $200 bonus with total purchases of at least $6,000
  • $25 referral reward for each new gold style event booked and completed

5 for $500 Referral Program

Our 5 for $500 Referral Program gives the hosts of home gold parties and corporate gold style events an opportunity to make additional money from referrals.  If you refer 5 people to our gold party program who each complete their own gold party events, you will receive $500.**  We will also reward you with $100*** for every referral gold party that takes place after the first five.

Gold Style Fundraiser

Fundraisers Gold Style - PGS Gold & CoinPGS Gold & Coin is happy to help those who want to raise money for their favorite charity or organization with our gold style fundraiser events.  These events are a fun and very effective way to raise money for an important cause with the help of your friends and family.  You and your guests can make money by selling unwanted gold, silver, and platinum jewelry for top dollar to our certified professionals, and help generate money for charity.  There are also opportunities to make even more money from commission and bonuses for total purchases.  Some of these fundraiser events have raised as much as $10,000.

Hosting a gold style fundraiser with PGS Gold & Coin has the following benefits:

  • 10% commission on total purchases
  • $200 bonus if total purchases exceed $6,000
  • $25 referral reward for each new fundraiser event booked and completed
  • Extra 5% commission if total purchases exceed $15,000

If you are interested in hosting any type of gold style event with PGS Gold & Coin, simply give us a call.  Our event planners will handle the details of the planning and even provide you with paper and email invitations to send to your guests.  Talk to one of our professionals to learn more.


* To qualify for your $100 and free gift, each party must have a show of five (5) or more guests and a minimum $1500 payout.
** To qualify for our 5 for $500 program, you must have five (5) referrals and they each must complete their own personal Gold Party with a show of five (5) or more guests and a minimum $1500 payout. Each referral party must be booked and completed within 120 days of the original host party.
*** To qualify for the $100 referral reward, you must have successfully completed the 5 for $500 program and each party thereafter must have a show of five (5) or more guests and a minimum $1500 payout.