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What We Buy, Sell, Appraise

At PGS Gold & Coin we buy, sell, and appraise a wide variety of high-end items. You can find us easily in DuPage and Northwest Cook County at our stores in Palatine, Wheaton and Schaumburg Illinois. We realize that everyone wants to know what their gold and valuables are worth, and we are excited to show you. However, giving a flat quote without evaluating or weighing your valuables would be impossible to do, and not fair to either you or us. Within just minutes of evaluating your valuables, our staff will be able to provide you an exact value of your items and provide cash on the spot for your items. If you would like to check our inventory or do not see the item you would like to purchase, appraise or sell below, call our Palatine (847-348-6447) or Wheaton (630-868-3412) or Schaumburg (847-278-7691) locations today.

Organizing and inventorying your coins is an important thing to do.


Rare Coins, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Early Copper, Proof and Mint Sets

Coin collecting is a popular hobby that people have engaged in since ancient times. Coins are typically valued for their rarity and historical significance, as well as the materials they are made from, such as silver and gold.  If you have gold, silver, or rare coins in your collection that you are looking to sell, bring them into PGS Gold & Coin for an appraisal.  We are the premier coin buyer in the Chicago area and we routinely offer fair and honest appraisals for all types of rare, historic, and precious metal coins.  Our experts have vast knowledge about the market value of rare, gold, and silver coins which helps guarantee a fair appraisal.



U.S. Paper Currency and Foreign Coins

Like coins, paper currency is a common collector’s item for many of the same reasons including rarity and historical significance.  Paper currency that is out of print including historic U.S. currency and Confederate currency can be quite valuable.  At PGS Gold & Coin, we buy and sell historic U.S. and Confederate paper currency as well as foreign currency.  As one of the most trusted currency buyers in the Chicago area, we guarantee an accurate and honest appraisal for your currency based on the current market value of your items.  Our professionals will carefully assess your paper currency and offer you cash on the spot.


Platinum, Gold & Silver Jewelry

Your Jewelry is Worth Premium Price at PGS Gold & Coin! Come in Today!!

Many people consider jewelry items to be among their most precious possessions, but people also want to sell their jewelry for various reasons.  Whether your jewelry is taking up space in your jewelry box, no longer your style, or a family inheritance that you don’t want, it still has value.  At PGS Gold & Coin, we buy all types of unwanted gold, silver, and platinum jewelry.  Even if your gold or silver jewelry has no value to you, you will be surprised at the appraisal you will get from our experts.  We provide accurate and honest appraisals based on the current market demands for your jewelry that are routinely higher than other jewelry buyers in the Chicago area.


Gold, Silver, Platinum Bullion

We buy all Bullion! Top dollar Paid!

Buying gold, silver, or platinum bullion is a solid investment as the market value of these precious metals has been trending up over the past couple of years.  If you are hanging on to gold, silver, or platinum bullion and would like to sell it for a profit, bring it in to PGS Gold & Coin to have it assessed by our professionals.  We provide honest and accurate appraisals for gold, silver, and platinum bullion that are based on the real market value of these precious metals.  Our professionals will provide you with an immediate appraisal and you will walk out with cash in hand within minutes.



Antiques/ Collectibles / Historical

Collectibles have Great Value! Bring them in today!

The term “collectibles” covers a wide range of different items including comic books, musical instruments, military memorabilia, antique toys, and much more.  If an item has value to collectors, then it is considered a collectible and can be sold for cash.  If you have collectible items such as musical instruments, antique toys, or military memorabilia that you want to sell for cash, bring your items to PGS Gold & Coin for an appraisal.  Our experts can provide accurate appraisals for a wide range of collector’s items and we base our appraisals on the real market value of your items.


Gift Cards

Have unused gift cards or store credit?  Bring them in for CASH!

People often receive gift cards as gifts for special occasions or holidays. It is very common for many of those gift cards to go unused. A gift card that you do not want to use is of little value to you. If you have unused gift cards that you don’t want, bring them to PGS Gold & Coin to sell them for cash. We will buy your unused gift cards and offer you a fair and honest appraisal based on what your gift cards are worth. We are interested in buying all types of gift cards and store merchandise credits because we have an extensive network of buyers interested in unused gift cards.



Do you need quick cash for your Electronic equipment? Bring them in to PGS for a great value!

Electronic equipment tends to collect quickly in our homes as we are constantly upgrading to new laptops, cell phones, and tablets.  If you have electronic equipment that you no longer use like an old cell phone or PC, or if you need quick cash, you can sell your unused electronics to PGS Gold & Coin.  We accept all types of electronics from old PC’s and cell phones to gaming consoles, MP3 players, and tablets.  Our professionals will offer you a fair appraisal for your electronics and guarantee that your personal data will be safely wiped clean from your devices.


WWII & Sports Memorabilia

Clean out the closet! Get paid for it!

Many die hard sports fans collect memorabilia from their favorite teams and players as a hobby.  This hobby can be quite profitable as certain pieces of memorabilia are very valuable.  If you are looking for the perfect piece of sports memorabilia for your home, or have memorabilia you want to sell, come to PGS Gold & Coin.  We buy and sell a wide range of sports memorabilia and collectibles including game used equipment, autographs, trading cards, and championship trophies and rings.  Our professionals will provide quick, honest appraisals for your memorabilia based on the true market value of your items.


Some of Our Items May Include:

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