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Any object can be considered a collector’s item as long as that object has value to collectors.  The value does not have to be monetary, and the standard for determining value will differ between types of collectibles.  If you are considering selling your old collections or antiques, it is important to find a trusted antique buyer that will offer you a fair price.  PGS Gold & Coin is a trusted, professional buyer and seller of antiques and collectibles in the Chicago suburbs.  We buy, sell, and trade a wide variety of collectibles and antiques including military memorabilia, musical instruments, comic books, stamps, and antique games and toys.

The types of collections that people keep vary widely.  When people are ready to sell their collections, they may sell their items individually or as a bulk collection.  There are many reasons a collector may choose to sell their antiques or collectibles, whether the collection is an inheritance, no longer wanted, or being sold for extra cash.  Trying to sell your collection for a fair price in today’s economy can be a challenge.  At PGS Gold & Coin, we understand this difficulty and help make the process easier by offering quick and honest appraisals for your antiques and collectibles.  We are trusted by collectors throughout Chicagoland to provide a fair price for their collections.

At PGS Gold & Coin, our trusted team handles your collections with respect and care because we understand that your items are sentimental to you.  We will give you a fair and honest assessment of your collection based on its market value and offer you cash right away.  If you are looking for a trusted dealer where you can sell your antiques and collectibles, bring your items to one of our stores in Wheaton, Palatine, or Schaumburg, IL.  We are always looking to buy antiques and collectibles including military memorabilia, musical instruments, stamps, comic books, and toys because we have a large network of buyers.

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