Pearl Harbor Flag
Flown on the U.S.S. Talbot
December 7, 1941 through February 1, 1942

Antique flags, vintage maps, concert posters & classic movie posters are all attainable collectibles, popular with a wide range of collectors who love to display & enjoy them. The fragile properties of paper & fabric themselves make these genuine collectibles difficult to maintain in mint condition whether the item has been displayed over time, or packed away. These items all too often fall prey to discoloration over time, which detracts from value. While the fabric on earlier flags is often found with rips, frayed & tattered edges, antique maps & posters are commonly the victims of small pinholes in the corners from being hung. Depending on subject, rarity, and design, antique maps, old flags, and vintage posters all have a place in the collector world.

America’s First Flag

Antique maps & early American flags are relatively common. However, some rare versions & designs can be extremely valuable depending on age, condition, size, and specific design. This popular 13-Star version of the American flag is very common. The US Navy continued official use of this design until 1916, and has been continuously produced since 1777, and is still commercially produced today.

Like antique maps over the centuries, old flags from more modern eras were both common subjects of forgery. Distinguishing between real & replica, fake & genuine are skills that are honed by serious collectors and reputable dealers over years of studying minute details and slight nuances that can differentiate an authentic piece from a well-designed replica.

If you have an antique flag, old map, movie, or concert poster you want to sell, it is important to work with a reputable dealer with the skills, tools, & references to evaluate your item for authenticity, as much as obtaining the item’s true value on the current market. Our antique flag & vintage map appraisers have the expertise you need to rely on for distinguishing between fakes, forgeries, and facsimiles from an authentic period piece. PGS antique flag buyers, vintage map appraisers are Chicagoland’s premier appraisers you can trust to receive a fair evaluation of your item based on industry expertise, experience-based knowledge, and current market values.

Free Evaluations for your Antiques

We offer fair and free appraisals with no risk or obligation to sell. With a personal passion for historical flags, vintage maps & posters, our experts are ready to evaluate your item/s and present you with a cash offer to buy a single piece or the entirety of your collection.

Follow these quick steps:

  1. Lay your item on a table and take some general overview pictures. Look for any markings, hallmarks, or stamps that will help identify the item, take pictures of those also. Using a white background produces the best pictures. Make notes and photograph any areas of damage or discoloration. Please be sure to include a full-view image of the item, with no cropping.
  2. Include accurate measurements of the item. Describe the item with as much information as possible. Example: year, era, model, issue, and any provenance you may have.

    * Flags
    If you are submitting photos of a flag for evaluation, you should include close-up images of the center point where the red, white & blue join, and the hoist/sleeve section.

  3. Send your photos to Be sure to include your complete contact information name, address, mobile number, and email.
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