We Buy Gold Costume Jewelry.

PGS Gold & Coin, one of the most trusted jewelry buyers in the Chicago area, buys and sells all types of costume jewelry.  If you have costume jewelry you no longer want, bring it to PGS for an appraisal and sell it for cash.

People normally buy gold costume jewelry as a novelty or to complete a costume, as the name suggests, but this type of jewelry can quickly fall out of favor.  If you bought a particular necklace for a Halloween costume 10 years ago, chances are this jewelry is of little use to you now.  Even though costume jewelry is often less expensive than other types of jewelry, it does still have resale value, making it worth your time to sell it.  If you have gold costume jewelry you no longer want or need, bring it to one of our PGS Gold & Coin stores.  We are one of the most trusted jewelry buyers in the Chicago area because we consistently provide honest and accurate appraisals for all types of jewelry, including gold costume jewelry.

Our process for appraising gold costume jewelry at PGS Gold & Coin is quick and secure. Visit us at one of our PGS Gold & Coin store locations in Wheaton, Palatine or Schaumburg, IL to have an appraisal of your items.  When you arrive at our store, our professional jewelry buyers will immediately evaluate your jewelry and offer you a fair appraisal based on the current market value of your items.  There is no risk or obligation to sell when you get an appraisal from PGS Gold & Coin.  The appraisals that we offer for gold costume jewelry consistently beat those offered by other jewelry buyers which has helped make us the preferred option for buying and selling jewelry.

Our trusted professionals will weigh and evaluate your gold costume jewelry on the spot and offer you an appraisal so you can walk out with cash within minutes.  PGS Gold & Coin is always looking to buy unwanted jewelry, including gold costume jewelry, to supply our network of jewelry professionals and private clients.

Bring your unwanted gold costume jewelry to our PGS Gold & Coin store in Palatine, Wheaton, or Schaumburg for an accurate, in-person appraisal.  We have earned the trust of those in the Chicago area looking to sell their jewelry because are appraisals consistently exceed expectations.  Fill out our contact form, visit us at one of our retail locations, or give us a call at (888) 416-2701 for more information.