PGS is a currency buyer that buys and sells all types of U.S., foreign, and Confederate currency. Bring your currency to our professionals for an appraisal.

PGS Gold & Coin is a trusted coin dealer that also specializes in buying and selling paper currency including U.S. currency, Confederate currency, and foreign currency.  We have long been trusted by collectors in the Chicago area to provide accurate appraisals for rare or historic currency, and we can also help you find currency that you wish to add to your collection.  Make sure you visit our online store to view our current inventory and to check for new products that we have procured from our vast supplier base.  Our professional currency buyers are ready to help you at any of our three Chicagoland locations.


paper-money-collectorU.S. Currency

We are a professional currency buyer that offers top dollar for out of print and rare U.S. paper money.  Our staff will offer an appraisal for individual notes as well as large estate collections based on the real market value of the currency.  PGS Gold & Coin always offers the same price for U.S. currency that we would offer a professional currency dealer so you can rest assured that you are getting the best price for your old currency when you visit our professionals.  We buy and sell the following types of U.S. currency:

  • Large size currency
  • National banknotes
  • High denomination notes
  • Broken banknotes
  • Colonial currency
  • Gold certificates
  • Hawaii and North African currency
  • Federal Reserve notes green seal
  • Federal Reserve bank notes – brown seal
  • United States notes
  • Silver certificates
  • Star (replacement notes)
  • Legal tenders
  • Military payment notes
  • Factional currency
  • Error notes and mistake money


mongomery-notes-1861Confederate Currency

The Confederate States of America started printing and issuing paper money as soon as it seceded from the Union in 1861.  Confederate currency consists solely of paper money because the new government did not make coinage, and it issued over 100 varieties of paper money between 1861 and 1865.  These bills are colorful and historically significant as they feature impressive portrayals of important Confederate figures and buildings.  Some Confederate bills are quite common and affordable, while others are rare and very valuable.

Confederate bills that are authentic, rare, or in good condition are always sought-after collectibles, but there are also a lot of fake Confederate bills.  Counterfeit Confederate bills have been made and circulated for over 100 years.  Our professional currency buyers at PGS Gold & Coin can verify that your Confederate bills are authentic and provide you with an honest and accurate appraisal based on the real value of your currency.  There are a lot of rare Confederate bills yet to be uncovered; our professionals can let you know if you have authentic Confederate currency.

foreign coins

Currency Appraisals

When you come to one of our locations, our staff will be ready to appraise your U.S., Confederate, or foreign currency.  The appraisal process is fast and easy and within minutes, we will offer you a fair and accurate quote according to the current market value of your bills.  Our professionals are excited to tell you how much your old currency is worth and we always offer better prices than our competitors.  You will walk out with cash the same day.

You can submit the form on this page to start the appraisal process or call us at our Wheaton (630-868-3412), Palatine (847-348-6447), or Schaumburg (847-278-7691) location.