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Collecting sports memorabilia is an enjoyable and profitable hobby for true sports fans.  PGS Gold & Coin is a great place for serious sports collectors and casual fans alike to find a wide variety of authentic sports memorabilia and collectibles.  Every man cave and sports room needs that perfect piece of professional sports memorabilia.  At PGS Gold & Coin, we can find, secure, buy, and appraise all types of sports collectibles including autographed items, trading cards, game used equipment, and championship trophies and rings.  We are a trusted sports memorabilia buyer in the Chicago suburbs that can help you find your coveted piece of memorabilia from your favorite team or athlete.

There are two ways to obtain an authentic autograph from an athlete.  The first method is to obtain the autograph in person which can be difficult and time consuming.  The second way is to purchase autographed memorabilia from a well-known, reputable company.

High-profile professional athletes sign exclusive contracts with companies in which the athlete is paid to autograph memorabilia exclusively for that company.  If you know what company an athlete has a contract with, you can avoid purchasing forged autographs.  Most autographed sports memorabilia is sold with some type of certificate so you can be sure that the autograph is authentic.  This is often accomplished through company witnesses or publicly held company sponsored signing events.

Whether you are looking for a piece of memorabilia from a current superstar or legend of the past, PGS Gold & Coin is the right place for you.  Visit one of our stores in Schaumburg, Wheaton, or Palatine, IL to check out our collection or sell your sports memorabilia.  We are one of the most trusted sports memorabilia buyers in the Chicago suburbs and we always offer a fair appraisal for your items based on the market value.  We know you are eager to find out what your sports memorabilia is worth, and our team is excited to work with you and offer you cash on the spot.  If you are looking to purchase sports collectibles, we guarantee that our sports memorabilia is authentic and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  We have a large network of buyers and sellers, including private clients, who are interested in all types of sports memorabilia.

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